How to sell Indian designer clothes online in USA?

Updated: 18/06/2022

The elegance of Indian designer clothes is very famous around the world and especially among all the Americans who are now following the ancient culture and living like a true Bhartiya.

How to sell Indian clothes online in USA?

From Indian clothes to handicrafts and many other things are being exported from India to the USA.

The main quality of Indian clothes is their natural fabric along with the traditional handmade artwork. From a local village to the city of Mumbai, there are lots of Indian designers who are performing their art from more than a century.

It’s time for us to decide whether we want the world to be our market or to be the market of the world.

Mr Narendra Modi (PM of Bharat)

Sell Indian Handmade Traditional clothes online in USA

There are many ways through which you can sell online in the USA. We have mentioned a few ways through which you can sell Indian designer clothes online in the USA.

  • Set up your own E-commerce online store in which we can help you for sure.
  • Get yourself registered on different international e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon | ETSY to increase visibility.
  • Get connected with the other Indian designers who are already selling in the USA.
  • Sell through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram by creating your business page profile.
  • Try to get in contact with any retail stores present in the USA by showcasing your Indian designer clothes.

I want to start a clothing line for Indian women ethnic wear, I’m in the US, how do I find my pattern maker and manufacturer in India

  • You can join events held in US where you can meet exhibitors from India which will help you in overall designing & manufacturing.
  • You can connect through number of export councils & associations in India through Ministry of Textiles along with CMAI.

How we can help?

USA Business can help you through a number of unique ways to sell Indian designer clothes online in the USA such as by creating a dedicated online store along with a payment gateway.

We have mentioned a few extra resources below which will give you extra insight.

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