How to export from India to the USA?

Updated: 15/01/2021

USA is the largest exporter of Indian goods and services and year by year the revenue through this Indo-US trading is increasing.

The marvelous decisions taken by the visionary prime minister of India- Mr Narendra Modi also uplift the export to USA and other western countries.

In June 2020 the revenue through export reached 287 INR Billion if compared by May 2020 which was 216 INR Billion.

Various export promotional schemes are also launched by the Government of India to help businesses gain the benefits of trading internationally.

The government of India has also launched a few online portals like Indian Trade Portal where anyone can learn international trading and much more.

You can also read the Annual report by Department of Commerce which includes many countries export data along with many other useful trading information.

One can also Contact EPCES Service which is a government portal, to know more about import-export.

Below we have written a detailed article about the procedures to export from India to USA.

Documentation & custom clearances to export products in the USA

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