How to find international buyers for Indian products?

Indian products have high demand across the world because of its authenticity and art that one can only imagine in dreams.

Previously, there was a communication gap between the artists, manufacturer, supplier, and yes the government.

But not now because we are living in a world where information is available everywhere you see, so all the issues are taken away by the technology.

Top 10 ways to find foreign buyers for Indian products

There are a couple of ways to find international buyers for Indian products and we have arranged the 10 simple steps which are mentioned below to find the right buyer of your product.

Step 1: If possible do set up your online store in India which is very crucial for the exposure of your products.

Step 2: Get yourself registered on the third-party eCommerce platforms which will be going to kick start your online store business.

Step 3: Maintain your presence over the social media platforms to market your products.

Step 4: See if cold calls can work out for you because without communicating you don’t get any sale for sure.

Step 5: There are various exhibitions and events takes place where you can surely showcase your products infront of the large audience.

Step 6: Connect with the people who has the same business niche and see if anyone is interested to collaborate.

Step 7: Trading company is the good option if you are a start up.

Step 8: Wholesale companies can surely help you to export your products from India.

Step 9: Foreign based agent is the smart choice that big companies choose while exporting their products.

Step 10: B2B International trade platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, DH Gate, Trade India can enhance your chance to get recognized by the suppliers or distributors.

Government initiatives and support

1- Federation of Indian export organisations (FIEO) helps you to set up a free online store along with the regular trade updates to grow your business worldwide.

2- Indian Trade Portal will let you know the important tariffs or import duties that would be applicable to your products along with statistics and much more.

3- Export promotion council who runs commodity boards in order to manage each and every segment of products.

4- India Brand Equity Foundation will provide you with the necessary resources that are needed to run an export business from India to around the world.

5- India Trade Promotion Organisation organizes trade fairs and exhibitions for Indian products in front of international buyers for Indian products.

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