How to get dropshipping agreement from Aliexpress/Alibaba?

Updated: 26/07/2021

Dropshipping business plays a vital role in terms of increasing revenue as well as speed up the growth of the E-commerce industry around the world. Along with eCommerce, the Fintech industry is also rising and payment gateway play the cruicla role in this industry.

We understand that if you are selling through Aliexpress or Alibaba then most of the payment gateway companies will ask you to provide them with the dropshipping agreement from Aliexpress.

It’s easy to say something and hard to execute it and that same happens with the E-commerce business because it consists of various things to run it smoothly but we will help you in every stage of your eCommerce journey.

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Aliexpress is a world-known E-commerce platform with lots of versatile products to buy and resell. There are millions of online stores are available that are selling through Aliexpress and Alibaba.

So the question arises like how do you get the drop shipping agreement from Aliexpress?

The answer is just to try and get the one. Let us explain to you in a more detailed manner through the guided steps which are mentioned below.

Guided steps to get the dropshippig agreement from Aliexpress

  • First of all, you should have to know your needs like for exactly what purpose you need the drop shipping agreement.
  • Second, start by connecting with the vendors/retailers/wholesalers from whom you are getting your niche products.
  • Connect on Alibaba too as you have much probability over there.
  • Make the format or if you need one you can contact us to create one for you and that would be free of cost. or download from the below-given PDF format.
  • There would be many retailers/suppliers who will help you with the dropshipping agreement through which you will place your orders.

Once you follow this process, you will surely going to get your drop-shipping agreement from Aliexpress and if not then we are here to help you at every phase of your journey.

Free Drop-shipping agreement formatDownload Pdf

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