Cost of exporting from India to USA

Updated: 18/06/2021

In India and other Asian countries, it becomes a trend and first priority to sell in the USA because of the high return on investment and the habit of americans for shopping consistently.

Export from India to USA is a good option for exporters and online sellers in India after the E-commerce industry bubble to expand their business overseas.

Revenue through export from India to USA

From Jan – May 2021 the revenue through export goods from India to USA reached more than 15 Billion and will cross $35 Billion by the end of the year.

January2.83 Billion
February2.86 Billion
March3.46 Billion
April3.10 Billion
May3 Billion

Indian products have a high demand in the USA and are very famous products amongst all the American people because of their quality and uniqueness.

Cost of exporting from India to USA

If it is about the cost of exporting from India to USA, then it totally depends upon a couple of factors which are mentioned below.

  • Goods categories
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Destination place
  • Import Custom fees
  • Cargo or Freight charges

We have written a perfect step-by-step guided article that helps you to determine the procedure to export from India.

How to Export from India to USA?

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