Custom Import duty rates in USA

Every country has its own rules and regulation for importing any sort of goods from other countries. Like, Harmonized Tariff System decides the custom import duty rates in the USA.

Basically, it depends upon the different factors to determine the perfect import duty rates in any country.

For instance in USA, if you want to know the custom import duty rates of clothes like wool suit then the custom officer needs to know about the couple of things mentioned below.

  • Does the wool suit have darts?
  • About the exporting country?
  • Does it qualify for free duty treatment like Israel?
  • Does it contain synthetic fibers in the lining?

It’s easy to sell in the USA but documentation & custom clearances to export products in USA is a little bit complicated task because of its high quality driven regulations.

USITC (United States International Trade Commission) & CBP(Custom & Border Protection) regulates the import & export in the USA.

No one can predict the exact custom duty rates in the USA or any other country if they are not using the flat import- export fee procedure.

But in order to make you understand in a better way, we are providing free of cost USA custom import duty rates report of 2022-2023 which you can download from below.

Helpful resource

US Customs Link 1 & Link 2

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