Best selling products on Amazon India

Updated: 14/04/2022

Amazon is the leading eCommerce marketplace in India after Flipkart and around the world which offers A to Z products. (As its name depict)

Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said to increase the export from India to almost $10 Billion by the year 2025, which is a very good opportunity for all the online sellers.

β€œIgnoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

Best selling products on Amazon India

Amazon like marketplaces helps to expand business internationally by increasing the visibility of the products and that too in very less investment which is basically the referral fee(8%-15%) along with the FBA charges.

As we all know, the online market is expanding at a rapid pace because of the increase in population which automatically creates demands.

So, in this post, we will discuss the 10 best-selling items on one of the most popular online stores, Amazon India.

Top 10 Best Selling products & items on Amazon 2022-2023

1) Smartphones

One of the most common electronic items sold on Amazon India. Smartphones are increasing the sales of Amazon. Furthermore, having a diverse range of mobile/smartphone devices with great offers and discounts, Amazon is estimated to sell 15 million smartphones during the festive sales period, which is 36.6% of the total estimated sales for the fourth quarter.

2) Earphones/ Headphones

Headphones and earphones are a constant draw across all e-commerce platforms. They are a basic, but an incredibly sought-after commodity. If it’s for gaming, listening to music or making a conference call without upsetting anyone around you, the need for decent earphones is unlikely to diminish. And Amazon India sells a huge amount of Earphones every Year.

3) Sports and Fitness Goods

Amazon India has become one of the largest sellers of sports and fitness goods. As the demand for these goods is unlikely to diminish. Under the Sports and Fitness sections, there are many products like gym gloves, dumbles, sportswear, etc. which are the best selling on Amazon.

4) Watches

Usually, we all know the use of Watches and know what watch is.?
Recently, Amazon India has become one of the best sellers of different categories of Watches like sports watches, Digital watches, etc. and many more.

5) Laptops

Laptops are only one component of the computer and computer peripherals (C&CP) segment in Indian online retailing.
The need for notebook computers is not going anywhere.
Furthermore, Amazon is one of the best-sellers with this product because it has a diverse line of Laptops with excellent sales and discounts.

6) Refrigerators

A refrigerator is a home appliance that is used to store food and has many other functions. Furthermore, Amazon is one of the best sellers of this product because it offers various types of refrigerators at great prices and discounts.

7) Backpacks and trolley

This is an evergreen demanding commodity, and its demands will never cease. Amazon India sells a wide range of bags from various manufacturers, which has resulted in backpacks and trolleys being a best-selling commodity.

8) Multi-Purpose Kettle

It is a kitchen utensil that can be used to cook, brew, steam, and do a variety of other things. This is one of Amazon India’s best-selling product. Since it has a huge number of customers.

9) Books & Novels

This is one of the most loving and always demanded commodity you can see on Amazon. Yes, it is Books & Novels. There is a large Community of peoples who love to reads books/novels. Hence, it is the best-selling commodity of Amazon India & Kindle by Amazon.

10) Smart Band

Smart Bands are things that you wear like a watch and are used to monitor your steps, heart rate, distance traveled, and so on. They can be attached to the phone and you can get notifications on the band itself. It is a popular and best-selling item on Amazon India.

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