Expand online business by these international marketplaces from India

Updated: 28/03/2022

Selling online is became a common affair these days and the pandemic has forced several to do so. Why not make full use of the situation and take your business overseas.


Several online platforms have made business easier and are known worldwide. Thus, giving the seller, a much-needed boost in sales.

The Indian e-commerce market has begun to understand the value of the foreign investment. Some business people may go through a lot of dilemmas in their minds before making the final decree.

However, a few crucial elements are needed to be paid attention to, before entering an overseas/international market such as trade routes, trade agreements between nations, recognizing potential markets, shipping costs, customs and taxes, etc.

As soon as the calculations are done, one can Develop own website which could also be of possible help, but that would require tiresome work of marketing.

Given below are some of the best international marketplaces to sell your products from India and increase sales substantially.

Top 10 Best international marketplaces to sell online Indian Products

1) Amazon
The contribution of third-party selection on the site is more than 40% on Amazon. Thus, it is a prime choice for both domestic and international sellers. It provides more than 30 categories to sell its products and has a global market spread across 11 countries, with new places set to open. The company also has a fluid customer support service.

Sell internationally on Amazon from India

2) eBay
International sales on eBay provide buyers a chance to bid on items at a fixed price. You are required to set your account and then you are enabled to increase the visibility of your product. You can also choose a particular market where you want to sell your product.

3) Rakuten
Rakuten is the largest e-commerce website in Japan with millions of customers. It provides its clients the opportunity to sell a range of products in more than 10 categories and on an international scale. Although, there is a fee to maintain a seller account on Rakuten.

How to sell on Rakuten from India?

4) Etsy
Etsy is a superb platform for custom-made products such as artworks and crafts. The platform owns 30 million shoppers globally. One can also sign up to use Etsy Pattern, which will allow one to create and customize own e-commerce website with a personalized domain.

5) Wix
Wix is not a marketplace but can be used for setting up an online shop of your own through which you can sell online products from India to abroad. You will have the access to valued and feasible tools that will help you customize your store, organize your inventory, accept payments, and track your orders.

6) Zibbet
Zibbet is most suitable for those who wish to sell products in categories that include handmade items, fine art, vintage, home & living, jewelry, and photography. It will enable you to create your own storefront and join a community of more than 50,000 vintage collectors, crafters, and artists who are exposing their products to millions of consumers globally.

7) Fruugo
Fruugo is another great platform for sellers who want to go overseas. It offers millions of products from thousands of brands. It has a checkout system in 32 countries and in 21 currencies and 17 languages. After setting up your account, you will even gain access to translation tools, making it much easier to reach out to a wide range of audiences.

8) Bonanza
Categories of the sale in bonanza are more than enough, which range from books and sporting goods to fashion, home, beauty, and art, so you can choose to sell in one or more categories quite comfortably. After signing up, you can even customize your webstore to stand out from the rest, and also the option of setting international shipping options.

9) Newegg
Newegg is a technology-based retailer, but it enables you to sign up with Newegg Global to sell in a wide variety of categories. The site possesses more than 30 million customers and is still growing. You can choose items for sale in over 50 countries, and you can choose which international markets are best for your business. They even handle taxes, customs, and duties on your behalf, as well as take care of international shipments.

10) Alibaba
Alibaba is a prime Asian online marketplace, and its goal is to connect suppliers with businesses of all sizes. Alibaba has connections in over 190 countries, making it an ideal platform for sellers.

While the enormous approach and broad appeal of big giants make them the ideal choices and the nature of your business and the customers you want to access may direct you elsewhere.

Wherever you choose to sell your products, keep an eye on the fees before signing up and make sure that you have had a thorough calculation of the budget.

Few Addons:

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