Types of E-commerce

The e-commerce industry is considered as the most rapidly growing market around the world. It is growing with a 24% growth rate and expected to cross $27 Trillion by the last of 2020.

Yes, E-commerce has a lot of branches that fit with any type of business scenario or condition of anyone who wants to operate their business online.

Let’s discuss the types of E-commerce from business to the clients and many other models that you can know and go for the one that suits you best.

1- Business to Business

Any sort of transactions of goods & services taken place from one company to the other.

Example: Alibaba

2- Business to Consumer

Transaction of goods & services between the company and consumer.

Example: Amazon

3- Consumer to Consumer

Any sort of transaction between two consumers/clients for goods and services.

Example: Olx

4- Consumer to Business

Goods and Services sold to a business by a consumer-like freelancer provide any type of service to a company.

Example: Freelancer / Upwork

Above are the 4 major types of E-commerce models that any person from freelancer to the CEO fall under, rest below are the addons models of E-commerce that a small percentage used to involved but would be profitable.

5- Government to Business

When a government hires a company for its work like hiring for a web design company or giving online tenders.

6- Business to Government

When a business or a company pays for taxes or any government fees online.

7- Consumer to Government

When a consumer pay for any sort of government fees online.

After knowing the types of E-commerce, we hope you have got your favorite one that suits your situation best. So no more wait now and start your E-commerce journey with us.

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