Business in the 21st century

There was a time when the face of the business is only recognized by the concept of trading goods and services but now it reflects a totally different season.


The answer is because of the increase in civilization and inventions created by the human mind. Technology is running with the rapid-fire speed while letting everyone ride on it. 70% of the population is flowing with it and 25%, as usual, living there standard of life but 5% are the ones running the entire world business.

Do you want us to name them?

Bank Officials

Political Officials

Yes, these are the real people who basically control and run the business in their own way without reflecting it in front of the world their real image. Just imagine if everyone gets to know about this truth then who will gonna have their money deposited in the bank and also no one will put their confidence in any political party.

But remember “There is nothing in this world without something“. People also get profit by getting interest on their deposits and also feel like having power if anyone like their sort of mentality won the election.

What about the real business people that we know?

Now, I know you guys are thinking about real business persons like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Anil Ambani and Mr. Tata and so on who rightly created something on their own while also build a gargantuan amount of wealth & business.

Let me tell you that these people’s were not born as a businessman but later on, by the time they realize the demand & value of their product/service, that automatically adds revenue to their business but as an Entrepreneur, they only optimize the process by hiring the smartest people’s on Earth and rest is as follows. Basically, my point is here that they never dream of gaining this much amount of money & business but by channelizing their energy in the right direction they are able to create the assets that can give them return in each & everyday life.

So first you should need to get the right cause for the right problem that you think can be sorted out and rest the path will be shown to you depends upon your imagination and efforts.

Yes, there are majority of people/business in the 21st Century who only knows how to gain and earn business basically to get money at any cost but analyze the condition of those with the ones who contributed their life for the change of this world.

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