Successful Dropshipping online store success stories in India

Updated: 7/04/2022

The drop-shipping business model is working greatly in India and around the world amongst freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Successful Dropshipping online store success stories in India

According to resources, the global drop-shipping industry will be going to stood at $550 Billion with a growth rate of 28% by the year 2021.

There are successful dropshipping companies too, which now helps and guide drop shipper from the initial stage to their first sale.

Building Predictability on top of the marketplace economy is how new-age businesses will get built.

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of OYO)

Dropshipping online store success stories in India

1) Nishkarsh Sharma run a successful print-on demand dropshipping store and generate a revenue of more than $4 Million. Now he runs Digital Dukaandaar Program to help individuals of every segment and age.

2) Rahul Patil is a successful blogger but later found E-commerce more exciting in terms of learning and earning.

Started with a single store that is now converted into three successful drop-shipping e-commerce online stores which have a total revenue of more than $6000/Month.

3) Tavleen Arora was stuck into her corporate job but after some time launched her successful dropshipping lingerie online store on Amazon with a total profit of more than $1000/month.

4) Nilay Chakrapani is another big name in Indian dropshipping industry who made more than $45000 from dropshipping buisiness but remember not overnight.

He has to face number of obstacles which starts from his college days and till the time he didn’t hit the target. Inspired by the below quote, today he expanded his business globally.

“You can accomplish anything under the sun with complete honesty and great determination.”

Mr Narendra Modi(PM of India)

5) Asif Siddiqui is running a successful drop-shipping business and overall having 4 successful drop-shipping e-commerce online stores at the present moment with total revenue of more than $10,000/Month.

He wants to launch a new online store of his own manufactured clothes which he can expand globally.

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