How to sell products online in Canada?

Canada is a great established country in terms of infrastructure and economy. The E-commerce industry is on a rise in this country due to the internet penetration rate which is 88% at the present moment and the habit of buying online.


Basically it depends upon the condition where one needs to sell products like if you want to sell from Canada to India, then there are few extra things that need to be done if we compare it with selling within Canada.

Below we will share with you the step by step guide that will guide you through the process of selling your products online in Canada whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

Step by step guide to sell products online in Canada:

Step 1:Β Decide you want to sell Online or Offline

Step 2: Choose your product based on your choice & passion

Step 3:Β If you want to sell online then you can start withΒ ShopifyΒ which is a Canada based company orΒ AmazonΒ which will provide you with all the necessary stuff needed to run a successful E-commerce online store.


You can sell online through your own online store also but in that case, you need to find a supplier, warehouse, shipping company, and many other things needed for an E-commerce business.

Step 4:Β If you want to sell Offline then you need to find an exporter or supplier of the product you choose and if you are manufacturing the product from your end only, then simply get in contact with any legitimateΒ shipping companyΒ which will provide you with the warehouse & fulfillment service.

Step 5:Β Remember to have your own E-commerce online store too although if you are selling with third party E-commerce platforms in order to gain visibility across your audience which is very important in the 21st-century internet business industry.

Step 6:Β GST Registration and registering your own firm whether it can be sole-proprietorship or LLC that is totally based on you.

USA BusinessΒ can help you to enroll in GST and registration of a firm.

Step 7:Β After having the GST number that is basically your Tax id number and having a company, do apply for aΒ payment gateway in CanadaΒ which is essential to collect payments from your clients.

USA BusinessΒ can help you to set up payment gateway in 24 hours.

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