How to sell products online from Canada to India?

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Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada

If you want to sell your product from Canada to India, you have multiple options available in your pocket that starts from Online to offline or Offline to Offline or Online.

Rest, it totally depends upon you where you want to sell and how you want to serve your audience.

We will brief the answer as much as we can and will try to make you understand in a number of suitable and easy steps that even a newbie can follow easily.

Step by step guide to sell online from Canada to India

Step 1: Decide whether you want to sell completely Online.

Step 2: Choose your product based on your intellectual choice & passion.

Step 3: If you want to sell online then you can start with Shopify which is Canada based company or Amazon which will provide you with all the necessary stuff needed to run a successful E-commerce online store.


You can sell online through your website but in that case you need to find a supplier, warehouse, shipping company and many other things.

Step 4: If you want to sell Offline then you need to find an exporter or supplier of the product you choose and if you are manufacturing the product from your end only, then simply get in contact with any legitimate shipping company and they will also provide you with the warehouse & transportation.

Step 5: Remember to have your own E-commerce online store too although if you are selling with third party online platforms in order to gain visibility across your audience which is very important in the 21st-century internet business industry.

Step 6: GST Registration and registering your own firm whether it can be sole-proprietorship or LLC that is totally based on your liability.

USA Business can help you to enroll in GST and registration of a firm.

Step 7: After having the GST registration that is basically your Tax id number and having a company, apply for a payment gateway in Canada which is essential to collect payments from your clients.

USA Business can help you to set up payment gateway in 24 hours.

By following these steps you can sell products online from Canada to India but there are a couple of things more like license, marketing, and many other things that you need to take care off in order to run a successful E-commerce business.

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