Sell internationally on Amazon from India

Amazon is considered as the leading e-commerce marketplace in India and around the world.

Since the year 1994, there have been many improvements done to make Amazon the top-leading ecommerce platform.

Amazon is available in 22 different countries with a regional website for each country.

People in India or any other country might want to sell products overseas but one question that is raised by most of them is that, Is it possible? Yes, It is possible.

When it comes to extending eCommerce or online business outside your native country, very few sellers choose to do so.

This is most likely due to the fact that selling in a foreign country can be a little more complex process but remember you are severely restricting your sales by only selling in your own world.

Thanks to Amazon like international marketplaces which offer global selling features to conveniently extend the e-commerce business worldwide with the help of Amazon Global Selling.

Amazon has made an attempt to assist sellers in expanding into overseas markets, possibly due to the fact that the bulk of Amazon sellers still sell in their home countries.

There is a common misconception that selling goods within the country is the only way to make money. Selling internationally, on the other hand, is more profitable and no longer remains difficult.

So let’s take a look at how it’s done on Amazon.

6 Steps to sell internationally on Amazon from India

  1. Select the product you wish to sell internationally from India.
  2. Register on amazon as a global seller.
  3. Select your targeted marketplace like USA, Canada or any European countries.
  4. Complete the necessary things by completing your profile.
  5. Now upload the product images by mentioning the descriptions.
  6. Uploading a product images on Amazon doesn’t make it all. The seller should send the product to the Amazon fulfillment centers which would be located outside the native country.

You will automatically have access to all of the other countries listed in your Unified Account like if you sign up for one of the North America online marketplaces on Amazon then you can also sell on Canada and Mexico amazon portal.

After the seller side work is completed, now it is the responsibility of Amazon to take the further process which includes:

  1. Buyers make a purchase: After successful registration and putting up the products on Amazon if a consumer likes the product he/she will make a purchase.
  2. Delivery: Delivery can be done in two ways, either the seller directly sends the product to the customer or send their product to Amazon international warehouse to avail through FBA.
  3. Fund Transfer: After the money is availed from the customer, Amazon makes the required deductions according to the rules and transfer the remaining amount to the seller.

How much is the fee to sell internationally on Amazon?

To sell on Amazon globally, a monthly fee of USD 39.99 (US), EUR 25 (EU), JPY 4,900, and AUD 49.95 (AU) is paid to register to sell on Amazon in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia (professional sale plan). The seller will be asked to have a valid international credit card & bank account for the same.

Other than this referral fee also has to be paid which lies between 8%-15% based upon the product category.

How shipping would be done?

The best part is that Amazon takes care of all your orders and customer support through FBA, making the whole process stress-free.(If you have send your products to Amazon international warehouse) or You can also send your products through your end.

As a result, you will be able to reach the customers even more quickly and at a lower cost. Amazon prepares the ground for international sales but remember you have to pay for it.

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