How to sell on Rakuten from India?

Rakuten is the leading marketplace or we can eCommerce platform in Japan since it was born in 1997.

How to sell on Rakuten from India?

Rakuten has its major presence in Japan & US along with Canada and in some other European(France/UK/Germany) & Asian(China/Taiwan/Australia/South Korea/Hongkong) countries.

In simple words, you can sell on Rakuten only if you have registered company in Japan or US. (Incorporate company in US through us in just $500)

And in the European & Asian countries you can sell through their third party consultants by contacting Rakuten.

What is the fees to sell on Rakuten?

For international sellers, Rakuten has a Direct Shop plan and below is the pricing for the same.

How much time it will take to get approved on Rakuten as a seller?

It can take from 1 week to 4 weeks to get approved as a seller.

Is it worthy to sell on Rakuten?

It totally depends upon your product demand globally. If you think that your product have the necessary quality to compete in the international market then you are good to go to sell on Rakuten.

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