Is GST in India mandatory for selling a product online?

Updated: 8/04/2022

Basically, it depends upon the different scenarios and conditions which will decide that if GST is mandatory for your products or not.

Is GST in India mandatory for selling a product online?

However, if you are into the business of E-commerce in India or any other part of the world where GST is applicable then at some point you have to enroll in the GST registration for sure.

There are a number of things you need to understand about the types of Gst applicable on E-commerce sales.

Based upon your business module, you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

  • If you are selling on a small level such as through Social media(Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram) then you don’t have to bother about GST registration because you would probably generate a decent or small amount of income.
  • If you are selling products like books or handicrafts or any other exempted products then you don’t have to enroll in GST.
  • If you are selling through Amazon/Flipkart/Shopify and any other International E-commerce Marketpace then you have to enroll in the GST for sure.
  • If your annual income exceeds Rs 20 Lakhs and Rs 10 Lakhs which is basically depends upon state to state and category wised, then it’s mandatory for you to enroll in the GST.
  • If you selling by your own website and process state to state(Delhi -Mumbai) or country to country, then GST registration is mandatory to sell online or offline.
  • If you are a manufacturer(notified goods)/retailer/aggregator/supplier of the goods or product you are selling, then GST registration is mandatory.

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Is GST in India is mandatory for selling any product online or for selling only specific products?

GST is mandatory for selling every product except the one that falls under exempted product list.

Is it possible to sell products online without a GST Number?

If you are selling exempted products then you don’t have to enroll in GST.

Which product can sell online without the GST number?

Products like books or handicrafts can be sell online without GST as they fall under exempted product list.

Why GST is mandatory in India to sell online?

Because these are the guidelines set by the Government of India that is section 24 of CGST act 2017- Compulsory Registration under GST/ Compulsory registration provision.

GST is the great initiative taken by the government as it reduces the burden of multiple taxes like the one Indians used to pay before the GST.

And somewhere it’s a good step taken by the government like previously it happened in China/Europe/USA and so many other countries.

GST registration process for eCommerce Seller?

If you are capable enough to get register yourself then the official website of GST is the good option to move forward.

Documents required for E commerce GST registration?

The documents depends upon different company model scenario, however there are few basic documents that are mandatory like Pan Card, Shop or Office or Home rent Agreement, NOC, Utility Bill and Aadhar card.

If you don’t know how to register under GST, then connect with us through Email or below mentioned contact us tab.

GST Expert Advice

If we talk about GST then our mind directs us towards the loss of money that would be deducted by the government but remember somewhere it’s necessary for the development of the country.

In the end, we hope that you get to know that GST is mandatory in India to sell products online after you cross a particular amount in total or doing inter-state sales and not only in India but in most countries around the world.

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