How and where can I sell online without the GST number in India?

Updated: 8/04/2022

GST is first introduced by the France in order organize the tax income in a more efficient manner. And since then there are 140 countries including India implement GST.

There are freelancers/entrepreneurs as well as big businesses around the world who don’t want to pay taxes for their goods and services they sell.

But majority of the country’s governments around the world have applied GST to all the businesses that sell products online as well as offline.

They also set the guidelines for all the online national and International E-commerce Marketplaces to follow the same.

We have got number of queries from India, asking that GST is mandatory for selling online or not and we have already written a very informative article on that topic.

GST is not just a Tax reform, but is a step towards Economic reform.

Mr Narendra Modi [PM of India(Bharat)]

How do I sell products online without the GST?

There are few online selling platforms in India that will allow you to sell your products online without GST.

Which product can sell online without the GST number?

One can sell books, handicrafts and much more products that are GST exempted.

Where can I sell online without the GST in India?

You can also sell through social media platforms like Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp on a smaller scale.

Can I sell on Instagram without GST Number?

Yes, you can sell on Instagram without GST.

Can I sell on Flipkart India without the GST Number?

No, you cannot sell on Flipkart without the GST number.

Can I sell on Amazon India without the GST Number?

No, you cannot sell on Amazon without the GST number.

Why GST is compulsory to sell online in India?

The government has set the guidelines for E-commerce aggregators like Amazon, Flipkart to get compulsory registration under GST.

Now, are you thinking about why you have to enroll in GST?

Selling Goods

If you are selling goods then the government has made it mandatory to get registered under GST irrespective of the fact that your threshold reached Rs 20Lakh or Rs 10Lakh depends upon a particular state.

Selling Services

If you are selling services through E-commerce then it is mandatory to get registered under GST unless your threshold reached Rs 20Lakh or Rs 10Lakh which is also depends upon a particular states.

Note: But remember that the GST is compulsory for all inter-state sellers.

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