Sell online in India

E-commerce industry in India will going to cross $200 by the year 2025 which is a major factor for online sellers in India and around the world.

No doubt India is going to be the super power in terms of everything that we all considered as a sign of success. USA and China would be the only two countries competing with India amongst all the countries around the world.

Sell online India

Today, India is forging marvelous infrastructure in terms of road, air,water and ofcourse digitally to boost trade domestically as well as internationally and the impact of this development can be seen during the pandemic.

Also, the products that are made in India has the better quality and durability as compared to the one’s that are made in China.

So, it’s a good opportunity for sellers in India to sell online in India as well as around the every corner of the earth.

How to sell online in India?

There are number of ways through which one can sell online in India but before that one needs to understand the basics to sell online in an effective manner.

  • Find or Manufacture product by analyzing the demand in the market.
  • Make use of technology driven solutions or SaaS
  • First establish domestically and then internationally
  • Content | Images | Videos play a vital role in the exposure of your product
  • Create excellent customer experience

5 Ways to sell online in India

1- You can sell in India through your own website that will cost you around Rs 7500 but make sure that your eCommerce store should be appealing and responsive.

2- You can sell through online selling platforms and marketplaces in India which will help your product in visibility by showing it to the potential customers.

3- You can sell through social media platforms and with the online selling platforms & marketplaces which required no GST registration.

4- If you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler with a huge quantity then you can sell through international online selling platfroms and marketplaces along with the B2B marketplaces available in India.

5- You can also sell your product directly to Government through Government eMarketplace portal.

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