Best Payment processors in Brazil

Updated: 07/09/2022

According to Statista – The E-commerce industry revenue in Brazil is expected to cross $50 billion by 2022 and growing with a growth rate of 21%.

If we talk about internet penetration rate then it has reached 77% right now, that means 165 million internet users are there in Brazil at the present moment.

As the internet users are growing in Brazil so as the use of social media and usage of online services is growing whether it is through online payment or shopping.

Mercado livre and Americanas are the top e-commerce sites in Brazil and yes the E-commerce giant Amazon comes in third place.

E-commerce Payment Gateway in Brazil

Due to the increase in mobile users in Brazil, day by day the use of mobile wallets along with the credit/debit cards are growing as the preferred online payment method used by the Brazilians.

So, let us share with you the most popular online payment methods in Brazil for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Note: Remember to checkout the MDR | Payout timings and Payment methods before moving with any payment gateway.

What are the available payment gateways in Brazil?

Useful resources

How to sell goods online in Brazil

For freelancers and Individuals, Stripe and PayPal are the best in class options to move, without any hassle.

Brazil is a huge E-commerce market in the upcoming future to invest in your E-commerce journey and the above mentioned best E-commerce payment gateways in Brazil will provide you with the ease of payment options that your clients would love to pay with.

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