Online selling platforms in India without GST

Updated: 01/06/2023

E-commerce Industry is rising all over the world which dramatically changed the way an online business runs worldwide. And, as we all know that India is the fastest-growing eCommerce market around the world.

The majority of the governments around the world have imposed GST on all the businesses that sell products online and also set the guidelines for all the online International E-commerce Marketplaces to follow the same.

We have got a couple of queries from India, asking that GST is mandatory for selling online or not, and for which we have already written a very informative article.

And now we have mentioned below the online selling platforms in India that will allow you to sell your products online without enrolling for the GST.

Online Selling platforms in India without GST

  • eBay
  • Kraftly
  • Infibeam
  • Fleaffair
  • CraftsVilla

Which product can sell online without the GST number?

One can sell books, handicrafts, few agro and many more products that are GST exempted.

Is it possible to sell products online without a GST number?

Yes, you can also sell through social media platforms like Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp on a smaller scale but if you get caught then might be you have to pay the heavy tax fine.

How to sell on Amazon | Flipkart and Meesho without GST?

Sorry, you cannot sell on these platform without registration in GST.

Do I need GST to sell products online? If yes, how can I get one?

Yes, if you want to sell on the above mentioned marketplaces then you have to enroll in the GST for sure. And in order to get enroll in GST you can connect with us through Email or the below mentioned contact us tab.

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