How to start selling on Amazon UK from India?

Updated: 19/05/2022

Amazon stands as the leading e-commerce marketplace in India and around the world. Since the year 1994, there have been many improvements done to make it the major international eCommerce platform in India & across the globe.

Amazon is available in twenty different countries with a regional website for each country. People in India or any other country might want to sell their products in another country, but is it possible? To answer that question: yes, it is possible.

In such a case, the person is considered an international seller. For each international seller, certain rules are to be followed for customs, shipping, and other formalities. Before all this, certain prerequisites are to be completed to become eligible as an international seller.

Can I sell products on Amazon UK from India?

Prerequisites include

  1. Select the Best selling product on Amazon UK which you wish to sell internationally from India.
  2. If there is a targeted marketplace, that should also be mentioned where in this case the marketplace is considered as the UK.
  3. Register on Amazon European Marketplace as a global seller.
  4. Just uploading the images needed for a product in Amazon doesn’t make it all. The seller should send the product to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

Documents needed to sell on Amazon UK from India

  1. VAT registration in UK
  2. International enabled Credit card
  3. Business Address
  4. Pan Card
  5. Import-Export Code

After completing the above-mentioned steps, the remaining process will be handled by Amazon.

If a UK-based seller has a turnover above Β£83,000, VAT is collected and is paid to the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs). To avoid this additional investment, it is suggested to collaborate with a local seller. As a seller keeps earning more, VAT and other taxes get involved eventually. There is no way to escape taxes completely. The process might sound lengthy, but is efficient and avoids all kinds of risk.

Though selling in India might avoid paying taxes but also comes with a disadvantage due to heavy competition where the odds of your product getting recognized are very less.

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