How to start selling on Amazon Canada from India?

Updated: 05/09/2022

Amazon is considered as the leading international e-commerce marketplace in India and around the world.

Since the year 2014, there have been many improvements done to make it the leading eCommerce marketplace in India & across the globe.

Amazon is present in 22 different countries with a regional website for each country.

People in India or any other country might want to sell their products in another country and Amazon Global Selling offers the same opportunity to the seller.

But international seller has to take care of the custom duties, shipping, and other charges.

And before all this, there are certain prerequisites are to be completed to become eligible as an international seller on Amazon.

How do I sell on from India?

  1. Select the Best selling product on Amazon Canada which you wish to sell internationally from India.
  2. Register as a global seller on Amazon Canada Marketplace.
  3. Fill in the necessary things by completing your profile.
  4. Just upload the product images.
  5. The seller should send the product to the Amazon fulfillment centers to avail for FBA. or Can send the product by themselves.

How to ship products from India to Canada?

Customer around the world preferred fast & free shipping and Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) will help you deliver that promise but for that you need to send your products to the Amazon international warehouse.

However, you can also send the product by yourself which is called Merchant Fulfilled Network(MFN)using any third party international shipping companies available in India. But in this case Amazon will not be responsible for any issues occurred during the shipping.

Documents needed to sell on Amazon Canada from India

After completing the above-mentioned steps, the remaining process will be taken further by Amazon.

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