How should I export food products to the USA from India?

Updated: 18/05/2022

In the 21st century, food has become of huge importance for a human being not just to survive but to live full-fledged happily.

But during the pandemic, people’s all over the world become more conscious about fresh & organic produce.

India(Bharat) is the only country in the world that daily eats fresh produce along with the natural herbs. In COVID 19, the recovery ratio in India has reached 98% which is the maximum amongst all the countries.

How to sell Indian food products in USA.

Indian products have a high demand in USA and around the world because of their uniqueness & authenticity.

Now, the Americans are following the ancient Indian(Bhartiya) culture in its true form and Indian food played a vital role in this change along with Yoga.

In this article, we will guide you step by step on the procedure to export or sell Indian food products in the USA.

Export Food products to the USA from India

Step 1: FSSAI License

In order to export products from India, one needs to meet all the necessary regulations set by the FSSAI which starts from the registration of the FSSAI license.

Step 2: Label & Specification of food products as per FSSAI

  • Product Name & Description
  • Company Name
  • Nutrition Information
  • Ingredients
  • Net Quantity
  • Volume & Content
  • Date(Manufacture, Packing, Expiry)
  • Batch & Code Number
  • Veg or Non-Veg Symbol
  • Name & Address of the Exporter
  • Country of Origin

Step 3: No Objection Certificate

Getting a NOC is mandatory for exporters from the FSSAI authorities unless they will not able to move forward with other formalities.

Documents required to get NOC

  • Import Export Code
  • Bill of Entry
  • Country of Origin Certificate
  • FSSAI License
  • End-use Declaration

Note: Addon documents can be asked by the authorities in case needed.

Requirements to get NOC

  • Sample should be free from fungal infection and pests
  • Sample should have a healthy shelf life during clearance
  • Complete due compliance with FSSAI
  • Phytosanitary Certificate

Step 4: Documents Required to Export food products from India

  • Import Export Code
  • FSSAI License
  • Ministry of Agriculture Permit
  • Ministry of Animal Husbandry Permit
  • Product Approval Certificate
  • Narcotics Certificate
  • NOC

Step 5: FDA Registration in the USA

Enrolling in a US FDA registration is a complex and expensive process that needs an investment of $500-$2000 which depends upon various conditions. An agent needs to be appointed who will take care of all the communication with FDA.

Step 6: Documentation and custom clearances to export products in the USA.

Things to remember

  • Exporter has to submit quarterly as well as annual returns to FSSAI central authority.
  • Exporter should perform all the mandatory rules & regulations set by the USDA, FDA & CBP.

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