Free Dropshipping Agreement Template

The drop-shipping business is becoming the best choice for every new online seller who wants to start an eCommerce business with a minimum investment.

And majority of the eCommerce platforms are allowing the dropshipping business model but only those who are having a strong drop shipping agreement with the supplier or a wholesaler.


Because a drop-shipping agreement indicates that the supplier or a wholesaler has a legitimate running business and permits drop-shipper to resell their products.

How to get a Dropshipping Agreement?

  • You can first ask your supplier to provide you with the agreement which will contain both the parties’ signatures.
  • If your supplier doesn’t have any sort of agreement template then you can provide them from your end.
  • There are number of dropshipping companies out there which themselves providing dropshipping agreement with the specific supplier.

We do understand that many online sellers don’t get a free dropshipping agreement template but don’t worry we will provide you with the free one.

Free Drop-shipping agreement – Download Pdf

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