Documentation & custom clearances to export products in the USA

For many Entrepreneurs | Startups | Businesses, it becomes a major problem to figure out what documentation and clearances they exactly need in order to sell their products in the USA.

Import Export Customs in USA

Country like US trying to modify its custom policies by keeping in mind their political as well as their people interests.

So, we have prepared 10 easy guided steps which will help freelancers and entrepreneurs to know more about the paperwork & procedure to export products in the USA.

Documentation and custom clearances to export products in the USA

1– Get anΒ Import-Export CodeΒ (IEC)

2Β Country of origin certificateΒ of the specific product

3–Β Food export licenseΒ if you exporting any food product

4– Edible items may need anΒ FDA registrationΒ along with the complete information about the ingredients used in it.

5– Get a β€˜Bill of Lading’ from your carrier after booking a container(if you are selling in bulk) and submit it to the customs who will be going to verify the documents, to provide you with the β€˜Let Export Document’ in order to export.

6– File the β€˜Import Security Filing’ which has to be done before 48 hours when loading the goods for the USA custom clearance.

7– Complete the entire list of documents needed to export any sort of goods in the USA because it can be rejected by the USA customs which will be going to hamper your business.

8– Do maintain the quality of your product which will help you to get pass the quality control test.

9– It’s very important to get in contact with the logistics service company.

10– Logistics company will deliver your product on time and hopefully take care of all the needed documentation, trucking, customs clearance, and container booking.

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