Trending Products to sell on Amazon Canada from India

Updated: 21/07/2022

Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces in India as well as around the world and there are millions of sellers enrolled on Amazon from India as well as globally.

Trending Products to sell on Amazon Canada from India

E-commerce in CanadaΒ is rising with a growth rate of 14% and $61 billion inΒ total salesΒ which is going to cross $90 billion by the year 2025.

India has a good relation with Canada as the two countries are also negotiating aΒ Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement(CEPA) which will going to result in a better trading.

If you live in INDIA and want to expand your sales to Canada then look no further, we have found the latest trends that will help you marginalize your Indian products that are currently in demand among peoples of Canada.

Top 10 List of best selling products to sell on Amazon Canada from India

  • Health Care– The latest trends show that healthcare items have become a must to have Products in-house, so they are an easy way to start with.
  • Lifestyle– This segment of products are very trending products to sell online in Canada.
  • Video Games– In last year only there had been a record-breaking boom in sales of video games in Canada and around the world, some of them being PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc.
  • Fashion– Fashion Products are some of the products that are never too old to start with if you have something unique to show to the customers.
  • Books– Although not too profitable but yes if the number of sales on the books increases then this would be the best products to resell.
  • Crafts– These items come on a must-buy list for some eCommerce sites. They are available for every age group and everyone is attracted towards them, so a decent Product is good to start with.
  • Toys– If you want to attract customers of young age, toys can certainly help. There is a large market that toys possess around the world.
  • Beauty– Beauty Products have become the most searched items in the Google Trends list recently.
  • Art Works-Some people adore good art, so selling artworks is a good option as they earn you a great profit in a single piece.
  • Sporting goods– Selling sporting goods have always been a business booster. As they are always highly demanded equipment.

The above list has been prepared based on Trends available on various sources, so one can try with these but not limited to these Products. There is always possibility to explore more on new things.

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