E-commerce market in Russia

E-commerce is rising in every part of the world and breaking the barriers one has never imagined before. Online E-commerce in Russia is about to reach more than $41.5 Billion and this is for the physical good within the country only and doesn’t include cross-border sales.

Wildberries | Ozon | Citilink | Lamoda is a giant player in the E-commerce market of Russia. Every one of them is trying to lift up their standard by investing billions in warehouses and logistics.

E-commerce in Russia

Russian E-Commerce Market Grows by 26% in 2019 and attracts investors from around the world like Alibaba(Aliexpress.ru), Megafon, Amazon, YOOX, ASOS, and so on. Even the Yandex group of companies is entering into this bubble of the 21st century.

But Russians are very money conscious and 40% of the E-commerce users prefer to pay in cash on delivery. This happens for one reason also that is when the packages are left outside the doors without even notifying users which creates insecurity, mistrust in them.

So now people collect their packages through pick-up points or lockers and prefer to pay in cash along with other non-cash payment methods.

But that is declining year by year with a rapid-fire speed because of cross-border purchasing that is also increased in the year 2020 by 70% which is valued at $5 Billion according to the report of Digital commerce and different associations around the world.

In India too, people trust Cash on Delivery in rural areas but in urban areas and other areas, the Jio boom breaks the barriers of mobile internet usage and the way one can pay for their products/services through mobile.

Why E-commerce rise in Russia?

There are a number of factors that increased the E-commerce market in Russia that is internet penetration which leads to mobile commerce along with the use of digital payment methods.

So it’s a good country to start your E-commerce journey with USA Business because we can help you to get started from the initial stage of the idea until the execution of your product sales.

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