Top 20 Best E-commerce Payment gateways in South Africa(ZA)

According to resources, the total e-commerce revenue estimated in South Africa is valued more than $3 billion by the year 2020 and still increasing with a growth rate of 10%.

With the increase in the internet penetration rate which is 50% at the present moment along with few major E-commerce start ups pushed South Africa a lot in the E-commerce industry worldwide.

SLA says Jumia is the leading E-commerce website in Africa following by Take a Lot and Kilimall.

If we talk about the payment methods used in South Africa then the Credit/Debit card is the most preferred payment method along with bank transfers and digital wallet.

Payment Methods Used by South Africa Online Shoppers

So, let’s look at the best E-commerce payment gateways in South Africa available for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Do remember to checkout the payment methods | MDR | Payout timings before moving with any of them.

Best online payment methods in South Africa

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