Best E-commerce Payment Gateway in Azerbaijan

Updated: 31/07/2021

According to resources the total e-commerce revenue of Azerbaijan is valued at $520 million till 2021 and increasing with a growth rate of 4.53% every year.

The main reason behind this exceptional growth is the internet penetration rate in Azerbaijan which is estimated at more than 81.1% in 2020.

The effect of Digitalization in Azerbaijan lifts up its GDP as well as the opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The government of Azerbaijan has taken a couple of steps to lift up the E-commerce industry by improving logistics, financial conditions, and pushing the Baku E-Trade Forum which is supported by UNCTAD.

The main E-commerce players in Azerbaijan are| and digital payment modes are increasing as the E-commerce industry is developing.

So today we will discuss the best e-commerce payment gateways available in Azerbaijan which can be used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Best e-commerce payment gateways in Azerbaijan

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