2checkout for Shopify drop-shipping online store

Updated: 06/08/2021

Drop-shipping business is considered as the low investment E-commerce business plan but when it comes to payment gateway it becomes a big mess which can cost drop shippers a huge setup fee.

If you need a payment gateway for your Shopify drop-shipping online store, then there are a couple of things that you need to follow in order to get approved for a merchant account for the drop-shipping business.

2checkout is a popular payment gateway that provides payment processing to the drop-shipping business models across the globe except for the few prohibited countries.

Below we have mentioned the five easy steps that any entrepreneur or business can follow to easily get approved by the 2checkout for Shopify drop-shipping online store.

2checkout for Shopify drop-shipping online store

  • You are not allowed to sell any well known branded products or we can say products that have a trademark or a copyright.
  • Keep in mind the product pricing which has to be a decent amount not very low/high.
  • Your Shopify online store website has to look professional and dynamic or we can say appealing.
  • Make sure you have the paid plan for your Shopify online store, so that it cannot show any sort of add/notification.
  • Remove if you have enabled any password on your website.
  • Your Shopify online store has to be compliant with the 2checkout policies.

Do I need a business registration to use 2Checkout?

Yes, it is necessary to have your business registered in order to get approved by the 2checkout payment gateway.

If you are a freelancer and don’t have your business registered then you can go for a Business Paypal.

Note: Your drop-shipping online store has to be perfectly working in terms of content, products, policies, so that your business get easily approved by the compliance team of 2checkout.

Documents needed to get approved by the 2checkout for a Shopify drop-shipping store

  • Drop-shipping agreement(Download)
  • Invoices(if you are a start up then ask 2checkout for a solution)
  • Marketing plan
  • Website
  • Payment gateway history(if applicable)
  • Business plan

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