How to start online business from home for free

According to source, India is considered as the 2nd country with most number of startups(17,000) around the world.

Start your own business for free

Also, Globally majority of ventures generally fails when starts from home due to lack of funds, availability of resources and so on.

But thanks to technology, today there are number of things that are available online which really helps anyone to start any sort of online business.

So, let’s discuss few things from the initial stage to the last in order to start online business from home and that too free of cost from anywhere in the world.

How to start online business from home without investment

Step1: First of all, think what exactly you want to start by keeping in mind the best trending business ideas.

Step 2: Once you decide then make sure to make a web presence of your business either through free website builders or free business listing.

Step 3: Now, showcase your product/service to any online selling platforms & marketplaces.

Step 4: Sell your product/service on social media platforms.

Step 5: You also have to do the organic marketing through email marketing and forums.

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