How do I get funds for my early stage startup in India?

The world is facing number of issues at the present moment and India(Bharat) is the only solution whether it is for Peace | Trade | Business and so on.

Top Government Schemes for Start ups in India

Even during Pandemic, everyone has their eye on India as it is the first country to launch indigenous vaccine and also shared it free of cost with many countries.

Indian minds are running every major company around the world, whether it is Google or Microsoft and even the Vice president of USA or Prime Minister of UK are from Indian origin.

India is considered the 2nd most popular start up country globally and the main reason behind it the recent transformations happends under Narendra Modi vision.

Whether it is Make in India or Start up India, every change in India attract a huge foreign investment from every corner of the world.

Start up Funding schemes by Government of India

Helpful resource

Top Crowdfunding Platforms in India

How can I raise money for my startup in India?

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