How to sell on social media platforms

According to source, more than 4.59 Billion people use social media globally by 2022 and users are increasing year by year.

How to sell on social media platforms

The major reason behind this development is the rise of internet penetration rate which has reached more than 65.5% at the present moment.

The boom in social media users, triggers the growth of eCommerce industry around the world like never before.

So, it is very crucial how one sell on social media platforms? – Basically, it depends on number of factors like the product or what kind of audience it attracts and many other things.

Through the below mentioned article we have tried to make it a easy process for online sellers who want to sell product through social media.

5 Ways to sell your product through social media

Step 1: Create a product by keeping in mind the interest and need of your audience.

Step 2: Choose the right social media platform, once you understand your audience segment.

Step 3: Create appealing catalog of your product/service.

Step 4: Create a social media business page by showcasing your product catalog and join other business groups.

Step 5: Run a marketing campaign for your products by hiring any professional online marketer and distributing valuable content.

Step 6: If possible, drive traffic from social media to your website.

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