Online selling platforms & marketplaces in Middle East

Updated: 25/05/2022

Generally, E-commerce industry revenue in the Middle East accounts for more than $72 Billion by the year 2022 which is expected to cross $120 Billion by 2025 with growth rate of 18%.

Below, we have mentioned the E-commerce volume for every Middle-Eastern countries which is based on the focused research and development through our trusted resources.

Middle East CountriesE-commerce Revenue in 2021
UAE$23 Billion
Saudi Arabia or KSA$9 Billion
Bahrain$500 Million
Oman$2.5 Billion
Kuwait$1.5 Billion
Qatar$2.5 Billion
Turkey$14 Billion
Egypt$3 Billion
Iran$18 Billion
Iraq$4 Billion
Lebanon$400 Million
Jordan $662 Million
Israel$5 Billion
PalestineStart Up
CyprusStart Up
SyriaStart Up
YemenStart Up

According to resources, Internet penetration rate that is 76% is the main reason behind the growth of eCommerce in Middle-East as it automatically increased the number of mobile and social media users in the Middle-East region.

Amazon | Souq | Noon are categorised as the major eCommerce players in the Middle East at the present moment.

All these Online selling platforms and marketplaces are playing a vital role in the development of E-commerce industry in Middle East and below we have mentioned the list for the same.

Online selling platforms & marketplaces in Middle East

Online selling platforms & marketplaces in Middle East

Platforms & Marketplaces in Middle East by Countries
Saudi Arabia

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