Online selling platform & marketplaces in Saudi Arabia

Updated: 10/05/2022

According to resources, E-commerce revenue in Saudi Arabia reached an estimated revenue of more than $12 billion by the year 2022 and increasing with a growth rate of 18%.

Online selling platform & marketplaces in Saudi Arabia

The reason behind eCommerce growth is simply the adaptation of digitalization in Saudi Arabia whether in using payment methods or doing online shopping and presently Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) is having an internet penetration rate of 99%.

Souq(acquired by Amazon) | Haraj | Opensooq | Amazon are the biggest e-commerce players in the Saudi Arabian market and Fashion is categorized as the largest market segment in KSA.

All these Online selling platforms and marketplaces are playing a vital role in the development of E-commerce industry in Saudi Arabia and we have prepared the list for the same.

Top Online Marketplaces in Saudi Arabia(KSA)

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