Top 15 List of Best payment gateways in Africa

Updated: 01/05/2024

According to the report of Mckinsey, there are approx 300-400 million internet users in Africa that means more than 50% internet penetration rate.

And by 2030 Africa would be able to access the internet across the continent by the initiative taken by the multiple organizations like United Nations & few private foundations.

Africa has more than $40 billion in revenue generated through E-commerce by the year 2024 and expected to cross $67 billion by 2027.

South Africa | Nigeria | Kenya dominates the E-commerce market amongst all of the African countries.

Top payment service providers in Africa

Africa has its drawbacks too like poor logistics, digital trust issues, weak infrastructure and so on but after night dawn has to come.

Women are stepping into the businesses across Africa in order to support their family which automatically provide employment to the other people’s and promoting local African products.

The government also plans to draft a policy for the protection of consumers over online purchasing. A partnership between Paypal and Safaricom helped the use of digital payments in Kenya and other parts of Africa through the use of the Mpesa wallet.

So here we will discuss with you the best E-commerce payment gateways available in Africa that any individual or business can apply.

Do remember to check out the payment methods | MDR | Payout timings before moving with any of them.

Best E-commerce payment gateways in Africa

Useful resources

Ways to help African e-commerce by World Economic Forum

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It is our responsibility to lift up the countries and people who need our help the most, so run your E-commerce journey in Africa through these best E-commerce payment gateways in Africa.

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