Online selling Platforms & Marketplaces in Africa

Africa has more than $24 billion in revenue generated through E-commerce by 2020 and expected to cross $37 billion by 2024.

According to the report, there are approx 300-400 million internet users in Africa and by 2030 Africa would be able to access the internet across the continent by the initiative taken by the multiple organizations like United Nations and few private foundations.

South Africa | Nigeria | Kenya dominates the E-commerce market amongst all of the African countries.

International Trade Centre report says that more than 630 Business to Consumer online selling platforms and marketplaces are there in Africa at the present moment.

ITC also launched African marketplace tool which will help entrepreneurs to know about the data and more characteristics about products.

Online selling platforms and marketplaces are playing a vital role in the development of E-commerce industry in Africa and we have prepared the list for the same.

Top 10 Best Online selling platforms & marketplaces in Africa

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