Top 10+ List of best countries to open up Offshore company

The entity or a company registered/incorporated outside your home country can be defined as an Offshore company. There are a number of reasons to open up an offshore company based upon different scenarios.

Benefits & Reasons to open up offshore company:

  • Fewer tax liabilities
  • Global presence
  • Investment
  • Asset protection
  • Confidentiality
  • Property ownership
  • Lawsuit protection

There are the number of countries in this world that will provide you with lots of business opportunities if you have your offshore company registered over there.

Leading countries to provide offshore business services worldwide

Remember the process is cost & time consuming for sure because of the non-residence registration process procedure.

But we can make it easy and fun for youKnow more

We will list a number of countries where you can register your offshore company to save the tax liabilities and gets many other benefits mentioned above.

1- India/UAE

2- Mauritius


4- Panama

5- Andorra

6- The Cayman Islands

7- British Virgin Islands

8- Belize

9- Malaysia


11- Bermuda

12- Georgia

Want to incorporate your offshore company with a bank account?

USA Business helps individuals and businesses to get their offshore company registered in the above-mentioned countries along with a bank account and payment gateway.

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