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Gone are the days when one business stops in the boundaries of its own country, now its the time for the offshore revolution that is beyond the limitations one can imagine a couple of years ago.

Whether anyone is doing a job or business, they don’t want to be restricted by any sort of conveniences they think they want.

Every country has its own policy and terms to run its legal procedure for business, but there are also few countries that provide different types of benefits to the people from around the world who want to invest in their country.


There are countries around the world which are not having that much of people and economy, so these countries started a special policy for the foreigners to invest in their country through different forms.

However, every country loves investment because it boost up their economy as well as increase the employment in the country.

How you can invest?

  • Offshore business (Company + Bank Account)
  • Buy any running business
  • Invest your assets
  • Invest in mutual funds
  • Invest in stocks
  • Buy a land

USA Business is focused to provide freelancers and entrepreneurs the best Offshore business experience by providing the choice of best countries to open up Offshore company along with the bank account.

Benefits of Offshore Company & Banking

  • Protect assets
  • Legal protection
  • Tax benefits
  • Free regulations
  • Legal lawsuit protection
  • Financial privacy
  • Banking structure
  • Expand overseas

So let us help you to open up your offshore company around the world in order to lift up your standard and business.

What about fees?

USA Business will only collect payment fees after going through the due diligence measures in order to provide you with the right quote. However, for an idea, the package starts from $1500 – $5000 based upon the country.

All the documents, details, and information collected from customers at the time of the Offshore company incorporation and account opening will remain secure with us.

Needed documents to open up your Offshore company around the world:

  • KYC Documents of the beneficiary owner
  • Company name
  • Passport copy of Beneficial Owner and Authorised Signer
  • Proof of residential address of the beneficial owner (Utility bill or bank statement not older than 3 months)
  • License (if applicable)

After you provide us with the necessary documents, we will start working accordingly.


All documents submitted to the USA Business (original or electronic copy) should be duly certified as a true copy of the original. In addition, please ensure that the full name, position, signature, contact details (telephone, fax, email & web address), must be clearly shown on the certified document.

After review of your documents, website, and business portfolio- we file the request in the requested jurisdiction and rest depends upon the laws & policies on the specific country where your new offshore company will get incorporated.

USA Business also can help you in setting up your E-commerce online store with shipping | warehouse | inventory | payment gateway and many other things that are needed to run a successful E-commerce business.

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