How do you start up an online business in India?

The digitalization in India has change the overall business ecosystem of the country and attracting investors from around the world.

Start an online business in India

According to source, the internet penetration in India has reached 50% that means more than 700 million internet users.

India is also the second country with most number of startups globally, which creates many successful online businesses in India.

Today, there are number of Government schemes & Private-led initiatives has been launched in India to lift up entrepreneurship.

How to start online business in India?

  • First, you have to be clear about the specific niche by keeping in mind its present demand & future expects.
  • Once you decide the niche, then calculate how much investment you exactly need for development/designing & marketing.
  • Prepare a complete step by step blueprint for the overall process.

How much does it cost to start an online business in India?

The overall cost is totally depends upon your product and vision. However, if you are starting an online business then make sure to have at least 21k-50k at the initial stage.

Legal requirements for online business in India?

If you are selling product or any service then having a GST number would be natural for you and that is the basic legal requirement.

Documents required to start an online business in India?

As of now, if you are selling on online marketplaces in India then GST registration/Pan card and Identity proof are the required documents.

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