Starting an ecommerce business from scratch in India

According to source, India will going to be the second largest eCommerce market around the world by the year 2030.

How to start ecommerce business in India

There are number of Initiatives & Schemes has been launched by Government of India under the leadership of world’s most popular PM Narendra Modi.

Several private eCommerce companies like Walmart and Amazon has also invested huge amount of money in the Indian eCommerce market.

There are number of eCommerce startups became a unicorn in no time, as India has the second most number of startups globally.

What should I do to Start an E-commerce Business in India?

In order to start eCommerce business from scratch then one needs to have the clear vision towards their eCommerce business.

  • First of all, choose a product by keeping in mind its demand, availability and future expects of it.
  • Make a blueprint which clearly shows the real map of your business.
  • Now, calculate the amount of funds you need for the overall process.
  • Get in partnership with people’s & businesses, which can lift up your eCommerce business.
  • Also, checkout businesses who are selling the same product.

Once you have done all the above mentioned things then you are ready to launch your eCommerce journey through the below mentioned steps.

  • Create your own online store through website builders or by hiring developer.
  • Choose the right payment gateway for your clients.
  • List your products on different Online marketplaces in India.
  • Distribute your products to Sell on social media platforms.
  • Make sure to sell quality product and give best customer service through phone or email.
  • Do offer deals at the initial stage to attract clients.

How much investment needed to start eCommerce business in India?

It is completely depends upon your product production cost, transportation, marketing and so on. However, on a roughly basis make sure to have at least 50k-80k in the pocket.

License required for eCommerce business in India

You just need to have a GST Registration along with your Pan card, rest is depends upon different business scenarios.

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