Startup Guide For E-commerce Shipping

Shipping plays a vital role in the E-commerce business if one needs to run it successfully.

Many major E-commerce giants like Amazon provide free shipping options to their customers by keeping in mind the future prospect.

Startup Logistics Guide For E-commerce Shipping

If you are a start-up or an individual in the E-commerce industry then you must customize shipping options and rates in such a way that it will benefit you as well as your customers.

You need to choose the right shipping company for your E-commerce business in order to provide your clients with easy shipping methods and options.

Types of E-commerce shipping options


  • Cargo shipping
  • Freight carriers(If possible)
  • Airfreight service


  • Same day delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Standard (2-3 days)
  • Free pick up from store

Shipping rates for E-commerce shipping

Shipping rates depend upon below factors

  • Product weight and size
  • Destination country
  • Origin country
  • Shipping option

If we talk about rate then there can be three types of rates that we have mentioned below

  • Flat rate
  • Live rates
  • Customized

“The investment in the shipping by Amazon valued at $1 billion which plays a marking step in its business growth.”

USA Business

Shipping Strategy

  • Reduce the cost of shipping
  • Try to increase the conversion rate
  • Add value to your order
  • Expand globally for visibility
  • Shoot for the right audience
  • Forge the right team
  • Make overall process time-efficient
  • Choose the right aim
  • Take action

Product Packaging For E-commerce Shipping

It totally depends upon your product and its requirement like if your selling product which can be damaged easily then you need to get it packed in boxes and if you are selling some sort of clothing product then you can just pack it into organic poly mailers.

Organic poly mailers are a great alternative source for our planet as well as reduce shipping costs.

If you need a customized packaging then do let us know.

Labeling your packages in E-commerce shipping

Doing it manually at the initial stage is a good option but for a regular business it becomes a mess.

Instead of doing it yourself, hire the pro one which can provide you with all the services you need for labeling.

Below we have mentioned few valuable service providers for labeling.

  • Shipstation
  • Shipperhq
  • Shippit
  • Shipping easy
  • Aftership

Shipping Insurance For E-commerce Business

If you are selling in bulk or your product value is high then it is recommended to get it insured from any of the shipping insurance companies like Assurant or shipsurance which is used by Shopify.

You can also contact us to provide you with the best shipping insurance policy.

Custom documentation and clearances(Tax & Duty)

Custom documentation is just there to tell the officers about the product information in a detailed manner like about its cost, category, purpose, product code, and so on.

Attach the right form with the correct information so that your product can pass the custom clearances smoothly.

We have written a complete article on this which is mentioned below:

Documentation & custom clearances to export products


Make sure to mention additional custom charges in your shipping policy if the customer is liable.

These sorts of small things can make or break your E-commerce business, so don’t negotiate with these things.

In every possible way make your customer aware of all the possible charges.

Fulfillment warehouse

A fulfillment warehouse can be a good option for mentioned businesses.

1- Wholesalers

2- Manufactures

3- Supplier

4- Investor

The fulfillment warehouse will be going to pack, label, and ship your product under your brand name which is a good option for the above business models.

Need a shipping solution for your E-commerce online store?

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