E-commerce online store business start-up cost from Asia(India) to North America(USA)

Updated: 30/03/2022

Every country in the world has its own sets of rules and regulations by keeping in concern the benefits it brings to the community.

E-commerce is the industry that is filling the pockets of government through taxes as the global eCommerce revenue reached more than $4.5 Trillion by 2022.

But at the same time it is providing people with the ease of online shopping experience.

E-commerce online store business start-up cost from Asia(India) to North America(USA)

It also gives a huge opportunities and employment to the people around the world that includes freelancers, entrepreneurs who wants to sell internationally online.

But still, there are huge amount of people who wants to start their own E-commerce online store and want to know its overall cost.

Basically you have two scenarios to get started- First is by arranging everything on your own and Second is by getting everything set up through eCommerce platforms or marketplaces.

Selling on my website Vs E-commerce platforms

So, without wasting any more time, let us share with you the step by step guide.

Cost to Start E-commerce online business from Asia(India) to North America(USA)

Step 1: Think about your product and its demand first – the only thing which is free of cost.

Step 2: Buy a domain name($2-$15) along with the hosting($80) on which your website runs and start building your own E-commerce online store from designing to development.

If you don’t know then hire an E-commerce expert through us. (The best hosting plan you can choose for an e-commerce store is managed cloud hosting.)


Choose any of the best E-commerce software and select any plan of your choice which will include the domain, hosting and many other add-ons services. And if you don’t know how to proceed then hire an E-commerce expert through us.

Step 3: Inventory cost would be 0(If you start as a drop-shipper) and in case you want to manage your own inventory by storing your products in warehouse then it will going to cost your around $999 or more than that.

Step 4: The payment gateway company will be going to charge you a rate of 2%-$3% along with per transaction amount such as $0.3.

Step 5: Business License and Permits like GST or any other import/export license cost depends upon country by country.

Step 6: If you want to sell on eCommerce marketplaces then you have to subscribe for a monthly plan($40-$500) if you want to sell internationally or few platforms charge you with the listing fee only.

If you want to sell within your own country then just a referral(8%-15%) & shipping(depends upon weight & size) fee would be charged from your end.

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