Do Indians need to have GST to sell on

Yes GST is mandatory to sell globally on Amazon from India, no matter what your sales threshold is.

Many online sellers don’t want to register under GST because of fear that they have to give the tax but are not aware that they will also get benefit through GST. How?

β€œLet us come together and think of ways India(Bharat) does not have to import but we export to the world.β€œ

Mr Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) – Most Influential Leader on Earth.

There are number of schemes are launched by Government of India under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi which will help exporters in many different ways.

GST Schemes for Exporters in India

Do Indians need to have GST to sell globally on Amazon
  • IGST Refund – Exporters can export on “Integrated GST” & afterwards claim the refund from the customs department.
  • LUT Bond Scheme – Exporters can export without paying GST by obtaining a “Letter of Undertaking” LUT Bond.
  • 1% GST Benefit for Merchant exporters – Exporters can obtain goods from suppliers at 0.1% concessional GST rate.

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