Best-selling products to sell on eBay in India

Updated: 9/07/2022

eBay is an eCommerce platform in India that is popular for its auction and consumer-to-consumer sales. It is a very popular international eCommerce platform around the world.

Best-selling products to sell on eBay in India

Here sellers can sell their goods across overseas lands and eBay is also the major competitor of Amazon.

On eBay, anyone can sell various kind of products from clothing, shoes, handicrafts, books, and antiques, or any tangible Indian products which are in high demand and low supply in India.

As the world knows that India is the fastest growing eCommerce market globally, so for Indian as well as global online sellers it is the best destination to start eCommerce business.

But to run a successful eCommerce business, one needs to know the high demand & trending products for that time and we have come up with the list for the same.

What is the top selling item on eBay in India?

  1. Mobiles phone and accessories- Phones and accessories are top grossing products.
  2. Video games– Video game consoles are the best-selling products on eBay India.
  3. Beauty items– On average, 88 products are sold every day on eBay India.
  4. Home equipment– Easy for users to buy lamps, cushions, or a plant for their homes.
  5. Computers– They are one of the best-selling items and are easily available.
  6. Jewelry and watches– Jewellery and watches can be easily purchased and sold on eBay.
  7. Crafts– Crafts have been on the best selling list for a long time.
  8. Gym equipment’s– Gym equipment are among those products that people love to buy.
  9. Sporting goods– Fitness goods and Yoga mats are some of the items that come under the best-selling products on eBay India.
  10. Toys– Toys are evergreen items that are sold on eBay India.

The above list has been prepared based on trends available on various sources, so one can try with these but not get limited to these Products. There is always possibility to explore more on new things.

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