Trying to sell on eBay UK from India? Target these products

Updated: 11/07/2022

eBay, as an eCommerce platform has undergone several alterations in India. The firm is currently in its third epitome and its central focus is to increase export from India.

eBay is the leading competitor of Amazon at the present moment following by Aliexpress, Rakuten and Walmart.

The company is mainly focusing on Indian-origin products that are famous in the USA and other western countries.

It aims at the SMEs and artisans in the pure B2C fashion rather than B2B. eBay claims not to interfere in any part of the transaction and there is no sense of competition with the sellers.

Best products to sell on eBay UK from India

Since new sellers lack experience of selling online, eBay is also helping them trade directly with an exporting outlook and then there’s a second group of sellers who have experience in selling in the domestic market but now aim to expand their market and deliver internationally.

The third group includes some export experience, but which might not be online; these are the brands, distributors, traders. Hence, these are the broad three sections that are currently coming on board on eBay.

Top 10 Best products to sell on eBay UK from India

  • Ayurvedic Products– Currently, the market of Ayurveda is at 1.2 billion dollars, of which the USA stands the largest, followed by Germany, Japan, and the UK. Even though India is the origin of Ayurveda, it holds a smaller market size compared to other nations.
  • Medical Equipment– consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, put up in measured doses. The UK is also facing a shortage of medicines.
  • Organic chemicals– In recent times, there has been a high- demand for the import of organic chemicals.
  • Cutlery and Utensils– The UK market for cutlery is developing on a daily basis. Almost half of the nation’s imports come from developing countries.
  • Gems and Pearls– There is a rise in desire from younger consumers for bespoke jewelry pieces and India being the major producer of precious and semi-precious jewels can make full use of the demand.
  • Traditional handlooms– Since the days of the British Raj the demand for Indian Handlooms has been at an all-time high.
  • Groceries and Spices– The UK economy and continued demand from supermarkets are expected to gain profit from the imports.
  • Nuts– Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain offer opportunities for developing country suppliers, as the food habits of the people saw a drastic change.
  • Clothes and fabric– The demand for apparel in the U.K. is expected to continue increasing, which in turn provides opportunities for developing countries to increase their supply.
  • Musical instruments– Over the years, More and more online operators open to meet this demand.

Trending products to sell on eBay UK

  • Body piercing jewelry
  • Smartphone case
  • Women’s dress
  • Life health supplements
  • Car parts

Most merchants exporting via eBay are artisans or craftsmen, selling products such as jewelry, apparel, ayurvedic medicines, and tea.

eBay’s target on small exporters is a good marketing strategy which is also beneficial for India because numerous locally Indianhandmade products are now available in multiple countries.

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