How to sell on eBay Italy from India?

eBay is the second largest eCommerce marketplace globally after Amazon, so sellers from around the world wants to sell on eBay.

How to sell on eBay Italy from India

India is the fastest growing economy & eCommerce market globally, so online sellers from India wants to expand their business overseas.

Italy is the best destination for Indian online sellers due to high return rate on product and marketplaces like eBay makes it very easy to sell in Italy from India.

E-commerce industry is booming in Italy with a revenue of $54 Billion by 2022 and expected to cross $87 Billion by 2025.

With eBay helpful services for online sellers like Cross-Border shipping and Free-Listing of the products makes it the number one choice for Indian sellers.

How to start selling Indian products on with 5 easy steps

Step 1: Get yourself registered on with any of your email address. And if you have Indian ebay account then you can link that with eBay Italy portal which will going to save your time.

Step 2: Complete your profile by filling necessary details about yourself & your business.

Step 3: Choose CBT as your shipping method if you want to ship your product through eBay.

Step 4: Link or Register a Payoneer account which will help you to receive payment from eBay.

Step 5: Now you can list your products and make sure to get verified as it will allow you to list more than 150 products otherwise you would be limit to 10 products only.

Products to sell on eBay Italy from India

What is the fees to sell on eBay Italy from India?

  • Final fees which can fall between 3% to 15% + $0.30/order, depends upon the product category.
  • You will get 250 Zero insertion fee listings and afterwards it will cost you $0.35 for each listing.
  • Shipping cost is depends upon your product weight, volume and dimensions.

Note: We recommend you to go through the link mentioned below to understand more about eBay fees.


What are the documents needed to sell on eBay Italy from India?

  • GST number
  • PAN
  • IEC

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