Online selling platforms & marketplaces in UK

Updated: 26/02/2023

According to resources, revenue through E-commerce in UK is reached more than $165 billion by the year 2023 and growing with a 12.45% rate.

Top Online marketplaces in UK

UK comes at the 3rd place in the largest E-commerce market around the world after the USA & China.

Internet penetration in UK reached 98%, which is the highest in Europe and which is the major factor in eCommerce development.

If we talk about E-commerce players in UK, then Amazon dominates the market share by 30% followed by Tesco, Argos, eBay and Sainsbury.

Online selling platforms & marketplaces are playing a vital role in the development of E-commerce industry in UK and we have prepared the list for the same.

List of Top 21+ Online marketplaces in UK

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