Amazon seller International shipping

Amazon is the leading eCommerce marketplace around the world which generates a revenue of more than $725 billion by the year 2022.

On the other hand India, which is the fastest growing economy as well as the eCommerce market will going to cross $200 Billion by the year 2026.

Amazon seller International shipping

So, it is obvious for sellers who are already selling their products on Amazon, to expand or sell product internationally on Amazon.

But the main issue occurs of amazon seller/vendor International shipping facility which didn’t taken care by the Amazon.

That means a seller needs to send products to the Amazon FBA warehouse in some other country and liable of every documentation and cost.

Amazon seller International shipping

  • To sell on amazon USA marketplace or any other western country, seller needs to send their products in the Amazon warehouse in the US.
  • FBA barcodes needs to be generated.
  • Seller needs to pay the shipping charges along with any custom duty charges and remember that if your product reach amazon warehouse with any custom dues then it would be refused automatically.
  • Seller would need IEC code and AD code from bank along with any other documents like FDA registration or license for grocery, health and beauty products or CPC for toys | Europe VAT | Address in Japan and many others.

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