Online selling platforms & marketplaces in Central America

Generally, E-commerce industry revenue in the Central America accounts for more than $7.80 Billion by the year 2022, which is expected to cross $16.75 Billion by 2025 with growth rate of 14%.

Top marketplaces in Central America

Below, we have mentioned the E-commerce volume for every Central American country which is based on the research & development through our trusted resources.

Internet penetration rate that is reached 66% is the main reason behind the growth of eCommerce in Central America as it automatically increased the number of mobile and social media users in the region.

Amazon, eBay and Mercadolibre are categorized as the major eCommerce players in the Central America at the present moment.

All these Online selling platforms & marketplaces are playing a vital role in the development of E-commerce industry in Central America and below we have mentioned the list for the same.

Top marketplaces in Central America

Central America CountriesE-commerce Revenue in 2022Platforms & Marketplaces in Central America by Country
Belize$65.7 MillionTop marketplaces in Belize
Costa Rica$1.7 BillionTop marketplaces in Costa Rica
EL Salvador$1.3 BillionTop marketplaces in EL Salvador
Guatemala$2 BillionTop marketplaces in Guatemala
Honduras$1.1 BillionTop marketplaces in Honduras
Nicaragua$675 MillionTop marketplaces in Nicaragua
Panama$1.6 BillionTop marketplaces in Panama

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